Although not much has been seen from the public side of the site, under the hood some big changes have been made. The site has been made more secure and some enhancements have been put in place. With the help of our hosting service provider Kiwihosting Ltd.

We are now using Cloud Flare for added security. If you’re not sure what it is, google it and you’ll learn how it works. Since this became active in mid-December it has worked very well. I can monitor the site’s activity very well by logging in to my Cloud Flare account and checking the PBBC site’s Analytics.

You may be interested to know that on the 26th December we had some major hacker attempts (CoudFlare calls them Threats)  to compromise the site. Why would they? They are not after PBBC data, they are after the use of the site to gain access to other sites and/or send spam email. Effectively dealt with!

With the bustle of Christmas and the silly season over, I hope to be able to spend more time on the public side of the site.

Thank you for your patience…